Monday, November 21, 2022


Carol and I watched Jordan Peele's NOPE last weekend. We are both fans of Peele's previous movies, Get Out and Us, the former more than the latter, and were looking forward to this. 

I loved it. (Carol was less enthusiastic).

Basically, this movie hit many of my buttons -- past, horrific, tragedy which affects the present day, mysterious nighttime phenomena, interesting characters trying to deal with the bizarre. I like that the movie plays with your expectations about the type of movie it's going to be before making it *very* clear. 

On first watch, a couple of scenes seemed not to fit into the rest of the story, but upon reflection, their purpose was revealed. Like Peele's previous, NOPE was very much a "show don't tell" type of movie. And, as you can tell from the preview below, the cinematography was incredible and the performances were great.

Plus, two scenes were absolutely haunting.

As I said, I loved it.

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