Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Small progress

At the first decade of the 21st century, we know more about human sexuality than ever before. Yet rather than educate people so that they grow up to be informed adults, those in favor of "abstinence only" sex education would rather us stick our heads in the sand and pretend that if kids don't know about sex, they'll wait until they're properly married to do it. Statistics (and a brain capable of even minimal thought) will quickly reveal the boneheadedness behind their theory.

Seriously, this really infuriates me. I grew up thinking that knowledge was a good thing. That knowledge was power and gave you choices in life. What the heck is wrong with these prudish idiots?

Montgomery County, Maryland, the county in which I happen to live, has just leaped to the forefront of sex education by changing the curriculum. What was the big change?
Weast made a final addition Monday to the Montgomery lessons, instructing teachers to say -- only in response to a student's question -- that the psychiatric community does not consider homosexuality an illness.
Wow. What a huge leap. The American Psychiatric Association declared that homosexuality was not a mental disorder in 1974. The World Health Organization came to the same conclusion in 1992. It's taken the school curriculum only 33 years to catch up.
It cost him the support of the most conservative school board member, Stephen N. Abrams (Rockville-Potomac), who said he was "extraordinarily offended" to learn of the change Monday night. Post Article
I rarely say this, but Stephen N. Abrams: STFU.

No one (but your medieval-minded supporters) gives a damn whether or not you're "extraordinarily offended" that some of your fellow human beings will be treated with a minimal amount of compassion and dignity. That this may ease a tiny bit of the suffering of gay students who are going through a great deal of grief as they sort out their sexuality doesn't matter to you since they're abominations anyway, does it?

Yes, this is a sad day for the "We Hate Fags" crowd. What will they do now that the only places they can pass their loving philosophy on to their kids is at home and church?


Anonymous said...

What about these dimwits protesting outside the meeting about "health before politics"? I think actually that the anti-evolution people should use these morons as an argument against evolution since these people have apparently "disevolved" as their IQs appear to be substantially lower than a chimpanzee (or my dog's for that matter). This remeinds of the movie where a guy travels in time and ends up as the smartest person in the world because everyone else is an idiot. Is that what is happening? Help!

David Fair said...

Speaking of the APA and Homosexuality, This American Life, one of the best radio shows on the air, recently re-ran a show called "81 Words" which details the story behind that change by the APA and how it came to happen. It is a fascinating listen and study in tolerance, ignorance, patience, and perseverance.

You can listen to it here: