Friday, November 17, 2023

Can we please STOP electing complete morons to Congress? No. Alrighty then.

This week on "God, these people are tedious and stupid and horrible and tedious" is Senator (R-F'ing Moron) Tommy Tuberville of Alabama. For months, Senator Tommy has single-handedly held up hundreds of military promotions to pressure the Armed Forces to change their position on allowing military personnel to travel out of state for medical care. This has actually harmed America's military and those serving in numerous ways. (I won't even go into the stupid rules of the Senate that allow one guy to do this.)

The military's completely reasonable position is that if you're stationed in bum-fuck, red state, you might not have access to the kind of healthcare you need, so the military allows you to travel out of state. Senator Tommy doesn't like that pregnant people might travel out of Gilead to get an abortion in an actually free, blue state.

Here is Senator Tommy recently on Fox News:

Here's the quote:

“You know, it’s been rape, incest, or health of the mom, but we asked in one of our hearings, you know, what month are you going to go by for the abortion? They couldn’t tell us whether it was abortion after birth."

Of course, this idea isn't unique to this dipshit. In America, in the 21st century, the Republican party actually "believes" that Democrats want to allow abortions after birth and that this is a thing that happens.

If you have even a toe in reality, you know that after birth abortions are NOT A THING. An after birth abortion would actually be considered MURDER and does not happen anywhere in America. In fact, even third trimester abortions are very rare and happen ONLY when there is a medical necessity, and are almost universally considered a tragedy because the pregnancy was WANTED. But the Republican base believes whatever they're told, so now the rest of us have to deal with this stupidity.



thevoid99 said...

Voting is a waste of time. Socrates was right about democracy. It was a shitty idea.

Ipecac said...

Tell that to the people of Wisconsin, who recently elected a liberal Supreme Court Justice, tipping the balance of the court and likely eradicating one of the worst Republican gerrymanders in the country.

Tell that to the people of Virginia, who kept the state Senate and captured the state House, ensuring that the legislature won't eliminate abortion rights.

Tell that to the people of Ohio, who added a provision to the state constitution guaranteeing abortion rights.

Voting isn't a waste of time. It can be disappointing and frustrating, but it's the only way to protect our rights.