Monday, June 17, 2024

Preview of a long-awaited reunion

Last week, Convicted Felon Donald Trump returned to Capitol Hill to meet with the Republican caucus. Despite having sent a mob to kill them in 2021, the Republicans embraced him enthusiastically, even though many of them held him personally responsible for trying to kill them three years ago.

Of course, Republican hypocrisy and perfidy is not news.

What is news, is this:

I really didn't expect to see this until Mitch McConnell and Convicted Felon Trump met in hell. I guess they're ahead of schedule.

Since it was Convicted Felon Trump's birthday, they also had a present:
House members paid tribute to the ex-president with a bat and game ball they won after trouncing Democrats in the annual congressional baseball game Wednesday.
I will give them credit, presenting Convicted Felon Trump with a bat took a lot of courage, the way many of them had bad-mouthed him over the years. I really expected the bat presentation to go like this:

Lucky for them, Convicted Felon Donald Trump probably doesn't have the strength to lift a bat.

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