Friday, June 14, 2024

The FDA should say that they SHOULDN'T jump off a cliff

At this point, let's just stand back and let natural selection sort them out.  
A conservative advocacy group headed by scam artist Charlie Kirk is pushing Americans to drink raw milk at a time when a widespread flu outbreak makes this potentially fatal. This is just one of several moves by right-wing groups and media pundits since the Food and Drug Administration cautioned against drinking raw milk following the rapid spread of H5N1 bird flu among dairy cattle.
It is well-established by the FDA that there are absolutely no health benefits from drinking raw milk instead of pasteurized milk. Raw milk was dangerous even before the rapidly spreading flu and is known to spread multiple diseases, including tuberculosis.

They're also selling a t-shirt that says, "got raw milk", because of course they are. Hilariously, the picture on the t-shirt is clearly a BULL. With horns.

I don't think Republicans know where milk comes from.

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SJHoneywell said...

Let 'em.

The best thing about certain freedoms is that it allows idiots to self-identify.