Monday, June 27, 2022

Roe v. Wade


In light of the egregious political decision by the Supreme Court last week to overrule Roe v. Wade and revoke women's Constitutional Rights to privacy in health care decisions and to control their own bodies, there are quite a few people to "thank". 

(In no particular order)

FUCK YOU, Mitch McConnell for putting party before country and literally stealing a supreme court seat from President Obama.

FUCK YOU, Clarence Thomas, for your awful positions, supporting insurrection, and being an all-around corrupt, terrible human being.

FUCK YOU, Samuel Alito for a regressive, badly reasoned, baldly political decision that cares more about the opinions of dead 17th century misogynists than living people with rights.

FUCK YOU, Senate Republicans who supported the right wing hacks nominated by Trump the Federalist Society to the Supreme Court.

FUCK YOU, Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kegstand Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett for blatantly lying about Roe v. Wade to the Senate confirmation committee and the American people.

FUCK YOU, Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema for caring more about an antiquated, anti-Democratic Senate rule than the rights of American women to control their own bodies.

FUCK YOU, American evangelicals who have shown that no reason or facts will dissuade you from advocating the oppression of others for something that is none of your fucking business. Oh, and you SUCK at interpreting your own holy book, which advocates for none of the shit you support.

FUCK YOU, fascist Republicans for taking us down a very dark road.

FUCK YOU, "both-siders" who equate Democrats working to better the lives of Americans and promoting equal rights, with Republicans actively supporting an ongoing coup, passing hateful, regressive legislation, and terrorizing fellow Americans.

FUCK YOU, Trump for having no principles except your own self-interest. This is a man who once described himself as very pro-choice, until he decided to run as a Republican.

FUCK YOU, Mitch McConnell again for rushing through Amy Coney-Barrett's nomination three weeks before a Presidential election, exactly the opposite of what you advocated when you stole Merrick Garland's seat.

FUCK YOU, Democrats who are not pro-choice or who support Democratic candidates who aren't. Do better.

FUCK YOU, American voters who support abortion rights but won't get off your ass to vote for Democrats who will support those rights through legislation.

FUCK YOU, Republican governors and state legislators who enact regressive, hateful legislation that punishes your own citizens.

FUCK YOU, local police who violently cracked down on peaceful pro-choice protesters this weekend, especially after the kid gloves you wear when right wing fascists violently protest.

FUCK YOU, Conservative media (FOX News and it's brethren) for propagandizing the Right for decades to bring us to this moment.

FUCK YOU, hypocritical conservatives who label yourselves "pro-life" but don't give a shit about actual born children, poor families, women, and disadvantaged Americans, who are against any type of universal healthcare, vaccinations, and wearing masks during a pandemic, and support the death penalty and unlimited, unregulated guns. None of these positions are "pro-life", you asshats.

FUCK YOU, all Americans who ignore the science and decades of data showing that safe abortion access improves the lives of women, families, and children. Abortion is not only a health care and moral right, but letting women make the choices that best work for them is an important economic driver that empowers the poor and middle class.

My apologies to everyone I've missed. I'm sure there are more.

Here's what's going to happen next with the Supreme Court as cases are pushed up by fascist red states.

The first thing they'll do is look for a case to invalidate the blue states' rights to allow abortion, during which they'll declare that fetuses are people, which will allow the first Republican Congress and President to pass a national abortion ban. In the meantime, the right wing Justices will go after LGBTQ rights, removing previous protections, including same-sex marriage. They will go after contraceptives. They will continue to erode the separation of church and state in favor of establishing Christianity as the official state religion (they issued such opinions last week and today). In short, the Supreme Court will continue to take away the rights of Americans in support of a fascist-controlled, Christian, white-nationalist state.

You may say that they won't, that these measures are too extreme, but then people said they wouldn't overrule Roe v. Wade.

What can we do?

  • Donate to women's health care clinics and abortion access associations.
  • Vote for pro-choice candidates at ALL levels of government.
  • Don't support Republican fascists for any office.
  • Support expansion of the Supreme Court.
  • Support impeachment of corrupt Supreme Court justices.
  • Support restructuring and modernization of the American court system.
  • Make your views known to your representatives, no matter who they are.
  • Stay angry and outraged and use that to promote progress.
Overruling Roe v. Wade will cost the lives of women and moves America backwards. It will take years to correct this injustice, but we must fight or lose everything we value about America. Some say it's already too late, but I don't believe that. There are more of us than them, and if we fight with everything we have, we can push this regressive bullshit into the trash bin of an unenlightened age where it belongs.

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thevoid99 said...

PREACH!!!!!!!! Oh, and fuck right-wing celebrities such as Kid Cocksucker, Chachi (his name in Korean is Penis), Jon Voight, and every dumbass motherfucker. I want to also say fuck Christian people who use this victory as a win for their bullshit faith. Fuck Herschel Walker for being a dumbass motherfucker who is really nothing more than a bitch to his Massa who used to live in the White House. Fuck Kirk Cameron and his stupid bullshit and his stupid cunt of a sister.